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in America  


Although there had been scattered instances of tongues speaking prior to Azusa,, the Pentecostal Movement in America basically began on April 14, 1906 in Los Angeles, California, with the Azusa Street Revival. Led by an African American preacher named William Seymore,  the historic Azusa Street Revival served as the springboard for the spread of twentieth century Pentecostalism in America.

According to the Biblical account, the true gift of tongues was given on the day of Pentecost. (Hence, the name Pentecostalism, applied to churches of today that involve speaking in tongues.) 

Prior to the Pentecost, pagans in Corinth spoke in tongues to their false gods. The tongues they spoke in were not actual languages. They were meaningless garble,  the same as the tongues of today.

In Bible times, accustomed to signs from God, the Jewish people required these signs before they would believe. For this reason, the supernatural gift of tongues from the Holy Spirit at Pentecost was given as a "sign" to unbelieving Jews that what Jesus' apostles were saying about Jesus being the son of God (the Messiah) was true.

The apostles had no prior knowledge of multiple foreign languages. Yet everyone who heard them speak in the tongues they'd received from the Holy Spirit understood their words in his own language!

Tongues are spoken of only three times in the Bible. Given that they were a sign to the Jews, everywhere they were spoken, there were Jews present to hear them.  When the gift of tongues was given to Gentiles as well as to Jews who accepted the gospel, this was a sign to the Jews that the Gentiles had been "grafted onto the vine" by God. 

Biblical tongues were actual languages, not unintelligible gibberish. Everywhere they were spoken, there were Jews present. Everywhere they were spoken, they were understood in the native language of the people who heard them.

These Biblically inspired tongues were used to spread the word about Christianity in the languages people of diverse nationalities would understand. But the gift of tongues was not to last forever.  1 Corinthians 13:8 Whether there be tongues, they shall cease..."

They did cease sometime around 100 A.D.  But that didn't stop people from desiring the "gift of tongues," -- even praying for it. It was probably inevitable that Satan and his demons would eventually get involved. And that's exactly what happened when tongues were revived (in a non-Biblical form) 1,900 years later at the Azusa St. Revival. 

Site of the 1906 Azusa St. Revival

If you've read my true story Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel, you know that I was once involved in the occult in the form of spirit guides. What I didn't mention in Betrayed is that my former guides (who swore they were of God, but turned out to be demons) attempted to teach me to speak in tongues. No mention was made of the Holy Spirit. They merely wanted me to learn their language, which turned out to be the language of demons.

In my work with victims of demonic harassment who have either spoken in tongues or had tongues spoken over them, demonic spirits have manifested in every case (when addressed in Jesus' name) as having posed as the real Holy Spirit when speaking over or through them in tongues. In two cases when the false holy spirit was cast away in Jesus' name, the women involved actually saw the spirit float out of their chest and across the room.

Given that demons had manifested as speaking through humans in the guise of the Holy Spirit, it seemed reasonable to me to assume that if these harassment victims had a false holy spirit in their lives, there might also be a false god and false jesus.  I wish I had thought of this years ago when I first began addressing the false "gift of tongues."

In every case in more recent times, when I've addressed a false trinity when working with Pentecostal harassment victims, demons of the false trinity have manifested. In logical progression, it occurred to me that there was a good chance that these demons, speaking through the mouths of unsuspecting humans, were very likely cursing God, Jesus, and the real Holy Spirit.. For this reason, I began addressing this for Pentecostal harassment victims I've worked with. In every case, without exception, demons have manifested.  Put another way, lest anyone misconstrue: Demonic spirits who speak through or over humans in tongues today have manifested time and again for having cursed the Holy Trinity!

As if this weren't bad enough, it occurred to me to take this a step farther by addressing in Jesus' name any demonic spirits who had put curses and/or vexes on the harassment victims they or their cohorts had spoken over or through in tongues.  It must have been the Holy Spirit who gave me this insight. My hunch turned out to be true.

While on the topic of harassment victims I've worked with, tongues aren't the only Pentecostal point of contention. In every case where people have watched Pentecostal programs on T.V. or fallen for the financial scams of Televangelists (See Below) they've had spirits in their lives as a result.


Note: A gift is something that is freely given, not something to be asked for or learned. Interestingly enough, if one types the appropriate words and does an internet search on how to learn to speak in tongues, all sorts of websites will pop up, offering to teach him. One website promises to teach gullible customers to speak in tongues within five days, or their money back!

If these tongues were from the true Holy Spirit, they couldn't be bought, and wouldn't need to be learned.

Following is pictorial evidence of some of the scams used by charismatic and Pentecostal Televangelists throughout the years to bilk innocent victims out of their hard-earned money.

Oral Roberts, 1982:

(Quoted from Reply Form to be sent back to Oral)

"Dear Brother Roberts,
Here is your half of the red Christmas candle back. I want you to melt it together with other partners' candles and relight it in the prayer tower. As you lift up my spiritual, physical, and financial needs, I am joining my faith with your faith and the faith of the other partners. Here is my Christmas offering to the Lord."

Oral Roberts:

THIS MINISTRY comes directly out of God's covenant through Jesus Christ. It has been committed to us to take God's healing power to this generation, and to be in covenant with you, to lead you into realizing YOUR FULL COVENANT RIGHTS, then to help you meet God's conditions to receive each one of these rights. I want to point out that there is no easy way, no short cuts. Your future is in the covenant. So is your responsibility. God commands you to put him FIRST in your life and in your giving. Since God has already paid the price at calvary, what you give is not a debt you owe, BUT A SEED YOU SOW. Remember, no farmer plants his worst seed, but his best each time. Then he has a right to receive the best harvest. (Genesis 8:22: Matthew 17:20). The Bible teaches, and thousands of us prove it every month, the greater the sacrifice the greater the blessing.

Peter Popoff:

"When you receive this FLEECE back, and this list of 14 MIRACLES for you with my special HOLY GHOST INSTRUCTIONS YOU are going to shout, because you are going to see SIGNS, WONDERS, and MIRACLES.

I KNOW THIS IS GO God the holy spirit spoke to me to lay a $37 offering on this new holy PRAYER ALTAR to receive a NEW blessing in this NEW YEAR. I want you to obey God with $37 and the $37 is in honor of Judges 6:37...This is your FLEECE OFFERING. I must lay your offering on this "HOLY ALTAR OF PRAYER" and dedicate it to God's Work. THEN ask it to return it to you one hundred fold. Yes, I feel one hundred fold.


Rex Humbard:

To sow a MIRACLE SEED OF HARVEST...of $41.41. Look at Rev.14:14-15 or do your best in helping me reach out with the gospel with at least $14.14 today. I know this is God...It takes holy faith.

I know you may have to take this from your savings or from some other source...but remember, God is your true source and THIS IS IT...IT'S HARVEST TIME! Satan would like nothing better than to see this ministry, at this most critical time in history, stopped DEAD. Satan cannot over-rule, if we obey God. Our lives, yours and mine, are wrapped up in God's end time harvest. We will fulfil his word and stand for the miracle working word of God. We will stand up as God's mighty end time Elite Army and obey him in showing this MIRACLE HARVEST SEED OF $41.41. EXPECT TO RECEIVE A MIGHTY FINANCIAL MIRACLE...




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