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Stacie Spielman

Indigo Children
 Human Angels, or Victims of Demonic Harassment?

Nancy Ann Tappe

The term "indigo children" was coined by clairvoyant Nancy Ann Tappe to apply to children who have indigo colored auras. It is believed by some that "indigo children" are the generation of gifted children predicted by Edgar Cayce, an American psychic healer  and spiritual medium (1877-1945).

Many in the psychic realm view indigo children as human angels: a generation that have evolved to a higher frequency that gives them abilities other children don't possess -- psychic abilities such as mental telepathy, seeing spirits, or talking to the dead. Interestingly enough,  independent of the indigo children's "special abilities" -- doctors and psychologists typically diagnose them as victims of Autism or ADHD.

I view them as victims of demonic harassment.  Although Autism and ADHD are legitimate conditions, I've worked with several parents of both Autistic and ADHD children. In every case, if either of the parents has dabbled in any aspect of the occult, if there were ancestral spirits of paganism, abuse, witchcraft, or mental disorders; or parents had done anything at all to open the door for demonic spirits to enter, these spirits were involved in the children's symptoms.  I'm not saying spirits were the sole source of the children's problems. But in every case, there was spirit involvement.

Many parents fall for the psychic explanation of the indigo phenomenon because they want to believe their children are gifted, or special.  Unfortunately, their children's "gifts" aren't gifts at all.  And they don't come from God. They're abilities that are typical of demonic harassment.  This doesn't mean these children aren't special. All children are special in their own way.

By the way, the fact that Indigo children have an aura the color of indigo is no big deal in the spirit realm. Demonic spirits are capable of making our auras appear in any color they choose.

My husband once saw a red haze around our dog when he took the dog outside to "do its business." When he came inside and told me about it, I did a cast away through God in Jesus' name of the spirits who were causing it. When the spirits were cast away, the red haze disappeared.  It has not returned. My point is that spirits can create auras of any color they want to -- including indigo.

Indigo children often feel angry, isolated, and disconnected. Many suffer from chronic nightmares, have difficulty concentrating, and exhibit  learning disabilities.  These characteristics, while they could be related to other causes, are typical of demonic harassment.  As for the "sixth sense" and paranormal abilities indigos typically have, each and every one of these paranormal abilities and characteristics is of the occult. And everything that's of the occult involves demonic spirits. (See "Psychic Kids.")

The idea that  a generation of humans are evolving toward becoming human angels is not Biblical. The Bible tells us that angels and humans are not the same.  Angels were created a little above humans. Translated into modern terminology, to me this means (at the very least) that our D.N.A. is not the same.  Think about it.  Cats do not become birds. Birds do not become cows. Horses do not become fish.  And humans do not become angels -- even after we die.  There's nothing in the Bible to support the belief that humans ever -- at any point in their lives, or after death -- evolve into angels.

If you are an indigo, or the parent of an indigo child, you would be well advised to ignore the advice of spiritual mediums and the psychic community and take stock of what, if anything, in your life or the lives of your parents could have opened the door to demonic harassment.

Abuse of any type, use of a Ouija Board, psychic readings, Tarot cards, and movies and books that involve witchcraft, ghosts, vampires, mediums, or other Demonic topics are just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to things that "open the door." My e-book  "What Demonic Spirits Don't Want You to Know..." is available in pdf format through this website, in Kindle format through Amazon, in Nook format through Barnes and Noble, and in virtually all other Reader formats through

                      Stacie Spielman

"What Demonic Spirits

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What Traditional Deliverance Ministries Don't Tell You"

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